How to become a radio presenter

Individuals state it is extremely tough to obtain a work on the radio, however they’re existing. Disregard their stories of painstakingly working their means up via healthcare facility radio, area radio, ham radio; of badgering the regional radio station in their native backwater just to be permitted to empty the bins, then one evening Mr Third shift was too intoxicated to do his show so you actioned in instead and a radio celebrity was birthed; of how after five/fifteen/fifty years at the coalface, they were lastly used a program on a terminal people actually pay attention to, throughout daytime hours No. You can begin a terrific radio profession in one simple action:

Be renowned from TELEVISION.

That’s all there is to it! Simply ask Fearne Cotton, Graham Norton or Jameela Jamil. But if you’re not well-known from telly, don’t stress: you still have a chance, as long as you’re a retired athlete or Ronnie Timber.

I did not have the foresight to be Ronnie Timber. Additionally, when I was a fresh graduate with just a Pupil Radio Honor and also a handful of radio-career dreams, I did not have the smarts, the ingenuity and the doggedness required to slam down doors in the radio sector. Throughout the years, a couple of gigs did trickle in – performing illustrations on a late-night Radio 1 funny program, composing jokes for the Now Show – yet absolutely nothing that was constructing to a profession. In the meantime, I supported myself with such unassociated jobs as looking residences for 60 Minute Makeover, proofreading publications concerning cricket, filtering out the much more threatening post sent to BBC newsreaders, administering advantages, keying up books for rich senior people, teaching knitting and also Latin, playing glockenspiel at celebrations

After that in January 2007, my friend Olly Mann as well as I began making a podcast, Response Me This!, for no much better reason than due to the fact that we could. And also although the program has actually reaped rewards means past what we imagined – 2 Radio Academy Awards, a spin-off publication, and also appropriate radio jobs (Olly is currently a presenter on LBC 97.3; I get on 5 Live’s Saturday Edition) – there remains no better reason to make a podcast than ‘because you can’.

If you have a suggestion, you do not have to wait on a person to commission it, as well as you can implement it specifically how you want. If you intend to be a speaker or a producer or a writer, you can try out all three, perhaps also simultaneously. You can exercise as well as explore those roles without the pressure of your employer witnessing, and also losing their cash on, your awkward discovering contour. And also if you’re serious about seeking a job in audio, you really should demonstrate your interest for the medium by making some sound. Honestly there’s no justification not to; it’s not costly or challenging, due to the fact that at its simplest you can tape onto a smartphone, modify on free software, upload to a totally free holding solution. I had precisely zero expertise or experience of any one of these things when I began podcasting; certainly I barely recognized what a podcast was. Seems I learnt the hard way.

Podcasting is a solitary company, so it does not immediately offer itself to being that a lot of important tool for career-getting: making get in touches with. Yes, radio is among the many sectors that compensates the gregarious, as well as virtually everybody I have actually met in radio has discovered work with individuals they recognize, or via people that the people they recognize. Yet even if, like me, you’re a shut-in making a podcast in the living room that you hardly ever leave, you can make a collective initiative to make contacts. Keep in mind the names of manufacturers who have actually made programs you appreciate, and also email or tweet them to ask if you can meet to discuss feasible work prospects over a favorite (NB you must spend for the favorite if they agree).

Contact other podcasters, as well as see if they’ll give in to leaving their living-room at some point. Join networks such as Audio Women, which provides routine possibilities for the similar to convene, hobnob, and support one another in browsing the murky world of radio. As a whole, people don’t mind being requested for aid: at best, they’ll be so flattered they’re delighted to help you in locating a toehold in the radio industry; and also at worst, they simply will not address your e-mail. This is not so terrible; neither is attempting however falling short to obtain extremely far. The awful point would be not to attempt in all. So quit delaying and also get on with it. CURRENTLY.

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