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WYOB is one of fewer than 12 full time Reggae formatted stations on FM radio in the country. It is streamed here, is available for mobile on Next Radio and on Amazon’s Echo [“Alexa enable one oh five point five reggae skill”]. 105.5 WYOB-FM is a non-commercial, not-for-profit radio station. It is professionally produced with a curriculum designed to provide radio skills to Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students by seasoned broadcasting professionals.

WYOB-LP is on the air 365/24/7—just like commercial stations—and students are encouraged to participate year round as they learn all aspects of the radio industry.

Download NextRadio on your mobile device and tune into 105.5 WYOB

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“Everyone should tune in. This is one of the most unique formats on the radio. I love it!! Retired Radio Programming Consultant, FL Dwight C. Douglas
“Rocking to it in Los Angeles! “ Ben Davis · Professor at California State University, Northridge
“Sweet...to have at home...yes!” Virginia Yorke · Wayland High School
“Thanks for sharing Skip! Receiving in Hollywood, Florida...” Earl Adams · Orthopedic Surgeon at Everglades Regional Medical Center
“This is great! Streaming from Norwood, MA and sending over to Vanuatu!” Laura Jernegan · Peace Corps Volunteer Coordinator at Peace Corps
“Playing at MVM!” Katy Fuller
“Enjoying this in Colorado!” Chuck Lontine · Founder/Owner/Operator at Owner of KKCL-AM/FM Golden, Colorado
“Nice to feel connected all the way out here in Maui” Pamela Norris


Watching ‘The Mighty Quinn’ raises money for WYOB

The year was 1989, and although Denzel Washington had already made a name for himself with more serious roles, his titular part as the sexy police chief on a Caribbean island in “The Mighty Quinn” marked his coming-out as a super-hot movie star. Perhaps we’re going to need to mine these older thrillers that rely on plot and fine acting rather than 17-minute digital fight scenes and alien spacecraft firing from outer space. “The Mighty Quinn” provides the kind of fun, music — specifically reggae — and wonderful characters that make you willing to return to the silver screen. Like you did in the old days. [READ MORE]

Youth Airwaves: WYOB Radio

Nowadays, with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers, people can access music without even having to get up off of the couch. Digital technology revolutionized the distribution of music while wireless capability transformed the way we listen to it, creating a new world of endless possibilities and incredible ease for music fans.  [READ MORE]

Food on the Vineyard: Stardate 2017

The Island turned a spotlight on Jamaican food this summer, with a special evening of Jamaican food, sponsored by WYOB, at both Atria and the Edgartown Diner in honor of Jamaican Independence Day. 


MV Times - MVRHS Students Hit the Airwaves on 105.5 FM

WYOB 105.5, the Island’s newest radio station, serves up a mix of reggae, classic soul, and rock, and is run entirely by Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students. Operating out of a small 10- by 10-foot room in the high school’s Career Technical Education (CTE) wing, a group of students can be found on Tuesdays and Saturdays huddled around computers, microphones, and radio boards.


WYOB reggae station has MVRHS students and Islanders jammin’

In a 10-by-10 office beside the Culinary Arts Dining Room in the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, students are simultaneously learning business and broadcasting, meanwhile bringing reggae station 105.5, WYOB-FM, to Island listeners.  …[READ MORE]

Radio Inc – Radio Wayne: Where Are They Now? Skip Finley

In 2017, not only is Radio Ink celebrating its 25th birthday, our Radio Wayne Awards also turn 25. The Radio Wayne Awards were started in 1992, the same year The Pulse of Radio became Radio Ink.   …[READ MORE]

MV Times – Mojo Nectar, a rising reggae album

Wanna get your dance party groove going? A good place to start is with “Mojo Nectar,” a new reggae-heavy CD by the band of the same name. Vineyard builder and woodworker Stephen Hart, previously the drummer and vocalist with the Island-based world music rock band the Ululators, assembled the group from a selection of seasoned musical buddies.[READ MORE]

WYOB delivers the goods ==> funky fresh reggae riffs 24 / 7 / 365. Just what our island needs! Non-stop Jamaican jams and Caribbean canticles to keep MV moving and grooving. Ja, mon.

Steve Martin

I am visiting on vacation from Long island NY and this station was tuned on the radio of the house we are staying in for the week. I had to look you up so I could send you an email! I listen to XM radio and I have been trying for years to find a beachy reggae station. 105.5 is everything I’ve been looking for! Great job in the music selection!!

You guys beat out the corporate radio stations and XM any day. Great job. Keep up the great work!

Chris Crans